A Great Story from A Patient Benefited from Our EECP Therapy

Posted with the patient’s permission

I am 92 and have gone thru 15 sets of 35 EECP® treatments since 2000, the latest early last year. Drs have installed 10 heart related stents thru the years but only 3 are still functioning. My LAD closed 100% in 2003 and a recent angioplasty they found the circumflex is the sole blood source for my heart muscle. Also a major branch on the circumflex is seriously blocked. I am fully unctional but limited in physical effort to approximately 25% of my before 90 self. My life has been extremely physical into my mid 80’s. EECP® gave me years of the good life and I want you to know my appreciation. If my experience is unique, making my heart worth a study I would commit it. Thanks for the precious extra years of life.

WGF (elderbrief@aol.com)

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