VSK Medical Limited is a professional marketing and sales organization specializing in medical devices and other healthcare related products in the worldwide market except for the United States and China. At present, its main focus is the external counterpulsation (“ECP”) systems, including the Enhanced External Counterpulsation (“EECP”) therapy system from Vasomedical Inc., the gold standard of external counterpulsation technology.
VSK as exclusive distribution ship of Chongqing PSK-Health Sci-Tech Development Co.,Ltd and Vasomedical Inc, combines the strength and resources of both companies to better serve the global healthcare marketplace by offering quality products that are configured and priced appropriately for different regions of the world, 
thereby meeting various  regulatory, clinical and economic demands

for medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. Taking advantage of many years of technical and clinical developments by Vasomedical and PSK on external counterpulsation technology, VSK Medical is well positioned and fully committed to broadening the reach of this effective therapy so that many more patients around the world can benefit from it to improve the quality of their lives.
Currently, VSK Medical’s experienced and professional marketing and sales team is based in three locations to serve its customers and distribution partners – Jakarta, Indonesia; Chongqing, China; and Bangalore, India – and is working diligently with healthcare professionals all over the world to provide innovative, non-invasive medical devices designed to improve healthcare and enhance the lives of millions of patients around the globe. Stay tuned to see more product offerings in the future.

Phone: +86 023-67669226


Address:3-2, Building 4, No. 5, Gangcheng East Ring Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing


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+86 023-6766922
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