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2020 GWICC and AHS China

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2020 GWICC and AHS was successfully conclusion on 25th Oct. It has 27 International and 35 Asian co organizers (including ACC, AHA, ESC, WHF, HRS, NEJM, JACC, CIRCULATION etc.). It has an international coverage of more than 43 countries and regions and more than 200 expert speakers. It has held 90 international joint forums and more than 300 international academic lectures.

The Great Wall society, together with the Indian society of Cardiology (CSI), the Japanese circulatory Society (JCS), the Korean Society of Cardiology (KSC), the Korean Society of cardiac metabolic syndrome (kscms), the Philippine Heart Association (PHA), the Turkish heart and Health Foundation (hhft), the Turkish Society of atherosclerosis (TAS), and the Pakistan society of Cardiology (PCS) have 35 Asian cardiovascular specialties Asia Heart Association 2020 (AHS 2020) is jointly held by the industry association.

Hundreds of Chinese hospitals participated in the forum, covering the whole country and serving medical institutions at all levels. The Great Wall Society held 5 live intervention weeks: Emergency PCI week, optimized PCI week, CTO week, atrial fibrillation week and structure week."Great Wall Cardiovascular Health Week" interactive breakthrough 100 million people, improve public health platform. It covers cardiovascular innovation and transformation forum, artificial intelligence forum, Internet Medical Forum and big data forum, jointly promote the progress of cardiovascular health industry. Chinese and foreign experts have conducted in-depth discussion and Research on EECP Therapy.微信图片_20201019101753.jpg

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