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2023 China Heart · Health Tour Heart Rehabilitation Training Course

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On April 15-16, 2023, "China Heart · Health Tour" Cardiac Rehabilitation Training Course and the Shanghai Heart Rehabilitation Center Alliance Training Course, hosted by the Tongji University Affiliated 10th People’s Hospital.


The Training Course includes: Cardiopulmonary function assessment, Assisted circulation therapy (application of EECP therapy and Extracorporeal Shock Wave), Physical fitness training + Practical training, On-site practical training, and other content.


Dr.Guifu Wu, Dr.Xiuyu Len, Dr.Weijin Liu, Dr.Yan Wang Introduced the clinical application and related efficacy evaluation of EECP from different perspectives. EECP has the characteristics of non-invasive, safe, and effective, which can reduce the readmission rate of coronary heart disease patients with acute heart failure and improve their exercise ability.

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