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2023 Guangzhou Geriatrics Summit Forum

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2023 Guangzhou Geriatrics Summit Forum


On April 15, 2023, the "2023 Guangzhou Geriatrics Summit Forum" jointly held by the Osteoporosis Branch of Guangzhou Medical Association, Geriatrics Association and other organizations in conjunction with the Geriatrics Branch of Guangzhou First People's Hospital and the Geriatrics Branch of Guangzhou Physicians Association was grandly held in Guangdong Hotel.


Professor Guifu Wu, the chairman of the ECP Branch of the Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society, gave a special lecture on "Promoting External Counterpulsation Technology and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Diseases in the Elderly" at the conference. Professor Wu comprehensively expounded the mechanism of External Counterpulsation, research achievements in China and abroad, and scientific research progress of ECP in the past 10 years. Emphasizing once again that ECP therapy, as a technology invented by the Chinese people, is a significant contribution to the world's cardiovascular field, providing Chinese wisdom and solutions for the treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients. At the same time, it also puts forward strategic suggestions for the future development direction of External Counterpulsation.


Professor Liu Donghui, Chairman of the sub forum and Deputy Director of the Geriatric Department of Guangzhou First People's Hospital, pointed out in the review section that External Counterpulsation, as a non-invasive and multi organ beneficial treatment method, is particularly suitable for elderly people with multiple diseases coexisting. It plays a crucial role in improving patients' quality of life, early recovery, and returning to their families and society.

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