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The Truth About EECP® vs ECP

EECP® (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) Therapy and ECP (External Counterpulsation) Therapy are the terms which describe the noninvasive, complimentary, or alternative treatment prescribed by physicians for patients suffering from the symptoms of angina, congestive heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases. Both EECP® Therapy, a name which has been trademarked by VasoMedical Inc., Plainview, NY in the marketing of their treatment method and treatment devices they manufacturer and ECP Therapy, the generic term used to describe all other forms of external counterpulsation, are based upon the proven hemodynamic principal of counterpulsation, which involves increasing blood flow (volume and pressure) to the heart during diastole (when the heart is at rest) and reducing the workload and oxygen demand the heart uses to pump blood throughout the body in systole.

In addition to the clinically proven hemodynamic principal of counterpulsation, extensive research in clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals have demonstrated the many mechanisms of action that are responsible for the initial benefits produced by the therapy as well as the long term outcomes, which show these initial benefits lasting three to five years.

Contact our professional VSK sales & marketing team today to discuss the clinical and financial benefits of EECP®/ECP therapy, and which of the various therapy systems available through VSK will best meet your needs.

How Does EECP® Work?

EECP®/ECP therapy is typically provided in 35, one-hour treatment sessions over a period of approximately seven weeks. Additional hours may safely and effectively be prescribed to this regimen if physician evaluation of the patient’s response to treatment determines additional hours will result in greater relief of symptoms. In certain circumstances, adjusting the patient’s treatment regimen to two hours per day can make it more comfortable for the patient to complete a course of EECP® Therapy.

EECP® therapy involves compression and decompression of the lower extremities during the diastolic phase of the cardiac cycle.

Cuffs inflate sequentially at the onset of diastole from the calves, to the thighs, to the buttocks, increasing venous return and coronary perfusion.

Cuffs deflate simultaneously prior to the onset of systole, decreasing vascular resistance, allowing for improved systolic unloading with a decrease in cardiac workload.

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